In 1991 it was born the company Jazam, founded by Jairo Antônio Zambon and specialized in the manufacture of food products. The first piece of Peanut Paçoca was cut by one of the 10 employees who started this activity. Then came other delights: Tubitos Jazam, Crunchy Jazam and Japanese Peanuts, all produced with the same standard export peanuts.

Since 1996 the company has diversified its portfolio of products, expanded its distribution throughout the country and its staff has grown to 130 people. Already in 2001, with the launch of the Ducrem line, the export process began. During this period new products appeared, such as the famous Pingo de Leite.

Due to the company’s continued growth, high investments in technology, equipment and processes were made and, between 2006 and 2010, the company had 235 employees and exported to more than 20 countries.

In 2011, Jazam launched the country’s largest line of dragée, Coloreti, and had a huge campaign with junior actor Guilherme Seta. From this phase until 2016, more products were launched: Ducrem Ball and Love, Croc-Choc, Micro Ball among others, and the company started to have 650 employees and to constantly participate in national and international fairs.

With the expansion of Jazam in 2017, the new laboratory was inaugurated and the company launched Choco Chef, which featured renowned chef Claude Troisgros in the campaign. Currently the company is 100% sustainable, a factory that produces totally gluten free, innovates in launches and has an estimated production of 70 tons per day.

To build this story, we integrate all the pieces that form Jazam: our employees, representatives, suppliers, customers and partners. All together to achieve more and more success. Bite your piece of affection, dedication, confidence and profits, after all, from piece to piece we have built a tasty relationship with the market and with you.


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A History of Achievements

Since 1991 we have brought new perspectives to every challenge and opportunity.

Conheça nossa História
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Conheça nossa História
Em 1991 nascia a empresa Jazam, fundada por Jairo Antônio Zambon e especializada na fabricação de produtos alimentícios. O primeiro pedaço de Paçoca de Amendoim foi cortado artesanalmente por um dos 10 funcionários que iniciaram essa atividade. Em seguida vieram outras delícias: Tubitos Jazam, Crocante Jazam e Amendoim Japonês, todos produzidos com o mesmo amendoim padrão exportação.
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Jazam Alimentos